Unwinding trolley ST2

A trolley and unwinder at the same time

Very smooth unwinding thanks to the aluminium centring pins (Ø 78 mm), which turn on a steel shaft (Ø 35 mm).
The shaft unit + 2 centring pins, delivered with the device, may be ordered separately for pre-fitting other cable drums, thus increasing the loading speed (code E3008.030)

Allows a single person to load, move ...

Optional measuring devices:
M3-C for cables with Ø 22 mm max (code E3350.001)
M35-C for cables with Ø 35 mm max (code E3350.352)

Capacity (it can carry) : 450kg
Ø of Drums accepted : Ø900-1400 mm
Max Weight : 450kg
Total Weight : 34kg
Dimensions of one stand: l 87 x P 1150 x H 950 mm

Code E3008020