Hydraulic jacks AXO 10 tons

The AXO 10 TONNES is intended for unwinding large reels, on site or in the workshop.


The range inclised 4 different models as follows :

- the maximum diameter of the drum : 2200 mm or 3200 mm

- the maximum width of the drum : 1350 mm or 1900 mm


The bearings that support the axis: with or without ball bearings.



With bearings : ideal for manual pulling at low speed. 

The unwinding is very easy. 

Without bearings : ideal for mororized pulling (winding machine, capstan winch) 

The plain bearing exerts a natural brake which reduces the inertia of the reel at the end of the unwinding.

The bearings are removable, but attached by a chain to avoid losing them.



Diameter 76 mm

Supplied with 2 flat centering devices, which prevent the reel from slipping on one side.


Lifting the drum 

By hydraulic cylinder with foot pump.

Lifting is very fast thanks to the removable bearings :

- We introduce the axis into the reel

- The bearings are positioned just below the axis (7 positions for EAX100-22, 13 positions for EAX100-32)

- A few centimeters of lifting are enough to lift the reel off the ground and be able to unwind.



The jacks are easy to move by tilting, using the horizontal bar, on 2 wheels Ø 160mm.


Use in front of a winding machine

Fixing to the ground is compulsory. 


Each reference is made up of 2 jacks + 2 bearings + 1 axis + 2 centering devices.

All accessories (bearings, axles, centering devices) are also sold separately.


 Code Maximum load Diameter of the drum Length of the axis Maximum width of the drum Bearing Dimensions of the basis Height of the jacks Total weight with the axis
 EAX100-22 10 tons 400-2200 mm   1850 mm   1350 mm Plain steel 540x330 mm 1100 mm 148 kg
 EAX100-22R With ball bearings
 EAX100-32 400-3200 mm     2200 mm 1900 mm   Plain steel   1700 mm   175 kg
 EAX100-32R With ball bearings