WALLY EXPERT - Fiberglass

The expert

Dynamic housing: unrolls and rolls up with a simple push

“All-purpose” guide head


Fiberglass rod: the most powerful

Diameter 3 mm


Length: 30 meters

Weight: 0,95 kg

Dimensions: 290 x 150 x 60 mm


Dynamic housing: with the housing, no more pulling rods that get tangled

- The cable pulling rod is stored in a compact housing, from where it unwinds effortlessly

- Very resistant to shocks, the housing is adapted to life on construction sites and effectively protects the cable pulling rod

- Easy to store and carry thanks to its handle

   1) Unwind the pulling rod and insert it directly into the sheath

   2) Pull the rod out and wind it directly into the housing


The WALLY EXPERT includes:

- the fiberglass or twisted polyester rod in the housing

- a flexible guide head Ø 7 mm at one end and a pulling eyelet at the other

- two pulling eyelets - a storage compartment for accessories.