For spools and coils

For wiring specialists, electrical contractors, maintenance departments, etc.
BOBI® guarantees less wastage of time,  wires and cables, and allows working in a more modern and professional manner

BOBI® is the ideal storage unit for all products that can be coiled...
Not just electric cables and wires, but also pipes, sheaths, hoses, ropes, seals, tapes, etc.

A true roller cabinet...
Thanks to the optional wheels

An independent shaft for each spool …
Only reload the spool which is empty

You can separately order 2 models of measuring devices according to your choice...
According to the diameter of the cables


Comprises an ADJUSTABLE BOBI module, a BOBI® 400 module and a BOBI® 300 module.

Delivered with 10 spools with straps

Dimensions : l 1.200 x w 530 x h 1650 mm
Weight : 55,9 kg


Code E3090MIXM