CC55 : BAUDAT cutting head suitable for drill/screwdriver wireless FlexiClick BOSCH


Patented system


Cutting head
Designed for cable cutting Cu/Al up to a maximum diameter of 55mm
Al 500 mm² et Cu 450 mm²
THT 1 x 300mm² / HTA 3 x 185mm²
BT H07RN-F: 4 x 120mm²
Suitable for 3 x 240 + 115M (Massive)


Drill / screwdriver BOSCH GSR 12-V-35 FC FlexiClick
BRUSHLESS technology
2-speed gear, Autolock chuck, belt clip, bit holder, charge level indicator, Electronic Cell Protection, LED lighting, Lithium-Ion battery, right/left reversibility and speed preselection.
Delivered with a box, a charger and 2 batteries.


The cutting head can be sold with or without the Bosch drill-driver


Quick attachment of the cutting head to the drill/screwdriver


Immediate implementation
Compact design: easy handling, even at height or in hard-to-reach places
Weight of the set: 2.5 kg
Overall dimensions: 285 x 180 x 160 mm


360° rotating cutting head
Supplied with screw-on grab handle for right-handed or left-handed use


Entirely MECHANICAL system: no hydraulic components, no leaks, no seals, no emptying…


2 years warranty
Complies with CE standards


 Cutting head  CC55T
 BOSCH screwdriver/drill  CC55B