BOBI® : Spools with straps

To transform a coil into a spool

- It solves the problem of tangled wires.

- The spool can be opened and a coil can be placed inside very quickly: there is no need to unwind and rewind the wire.

- The 2 flanges of the spool are connected by elastic straps, each one having anchoring points.

- This helps to perfectly maintain the inner diameter and width of the coil. The spool is therefore balanced correctly.

- In order to choose between the 3 models (300 mm, 400 mm and 600 mm), it is necessary to take into account the outer diameter of the coil as well as its width (maximum distance between flanges).

- Spools with straps are sold separately.

- They are also used with the QUAD® and MAXIQUAD and the BOBI® dispenser.

- They can also be adapted to the MINOCABLE and the ESCABOCABLE.

PLANCKE invention. Patented model.


Most common use

Flange Ø

Maximum distance between flanges




300 mm

100 mm

Durable plastic



400 mm

150 mm

Durable plastic



600 mm

180 mm

Red tinted marine plywood