INDUSTRIAL packaging

The cable sheath MANGE CABLE neatly stows the cables, protects them and prevents them from getting covered with dust.

It also avoids the danger of heating for the coiled cables.


Quick and easy installation: thanks to the tool, the sheath "swallows" the cables, even if they are already connected at both ends.

It can easily be removed and reused.

We can add cables afterwards.


The installation is quicker than the spiraled sheath.

More protective than a split sheath because it doesn't remain open.


The MANGE CABLE cable sheath was originally designed to streamline wiring in industry and building.


Choice of 5 diameters: 8 mm, 15 mm, 20 mm, 25 mm, 32 mm.

Colors : black (+ silver for diameter 20 mm).


Each roll is delivered with one tool.

Diameter Coloris Roll deliveret with on tool Additionnal tool
8 mm Black 100 meters MC08N100M MC08
15 mm Black 50 meters MC15N50M MC15
20 mm Black 30 meters MC20N30M MC20
Silver MC20A30M
25 mm Black 20 meters MC25N20M MC25
35 mm Black 15 meters MC32N15M MC32