Monoblock speed bump

High visibility monoblock speed bump

Composed of a main element to be completed with 2 end caps..
Equipped with 5 reflective strips and 10 («cat’s eye») reflectors for high visibility day and night.
To be fixed to the ground (4 fixing holes) : special concrete fixing dowel pins code PAFIX4.
2 channels of Ø 23 mm (the cables lay on the ground).
Made of recycled black rubber.

For private roads (car parks, companies, shopping centers, hospitals, residences, etc.).
Suitable for the passage of heavy vehicles (supports up to 44 tons).
The client is responsible for complying with the regulations in force.


Main element :
- Dimensions : 1830mm x 300mm x 45mm
- Weight : 22 kg
Code RALMONO-50-183


End cap (sold individually) :
- Dimensions : 190mm x 300mm x 45mm
- Weight : 1,5 kg