Drums Rack Storage - Light Version

Cable drum rack light version for MANUAL USE

Two types are available: The outbound racks and the series racks. 
Ladders are delivered assembled - depth of ladders: 620 mm at the bot-tom and 260 mm at the top Vertical adjustment of shoes every 50mm. 
Fastening to the ground mandatory using dowels or anchors (U for holding in the pre-drilled floor)
Motorised winding machine are strictly forbidden in front of this model.
Height of ladder 2100mm - Width of racks 500mm - 3 storage levels in each rack
Max. diameter of drums at the top level: 600mm
Max. diameter of drums at the bottom level: 800mm. (in this case only two drums per rack) 
Diameter of the axis: 33.7mm
Max. load per level: 50 kg
Code AML1F2135D (Outbound)
Code AML1F2135S (Series)