Drums Rack Storage - Light Version


Dynamic cable drum storage - manual use

Time saving: each cable cable drum is on an axis, ready to be unwound.

Working comfort: simplified handling, ergonomics, safety.

Space saving: high storage.

Immediate visualization of the stock (we create a «self-service» of cables).


Modular system that allows you to adapt the rack to your needs.There are 2 types of bays: departure and continuation, the rack begins with a departure bay and is completed by one or more continuation bays.


For cable drums:

- Maximum width: 580 mm

- Diameter: no constraint

- Central hole diameter: min. 30 mm

- Maximum weight: 80kg

Maximum load per span: 240 kg



- Height: 2050mm

- Depth: 600mm

- Starting span width: 700 mm

- Suite width: 650 mm


Each span comes with 3 levels.

The axle support device is adjustable in steps of 50 mm.

The axles can be set at different levels on one span and on the neighboring span.

Additional levels (axle + axle support device) can be added as an option.

Shaft diameter: 30 mm



Completely in steel.

Delivered disassembled.

Finishing :

- Galvanized for ladders

- RAL5003 blue epoxy powder coating for the horizontal rails.

- RAL 3020 red epoxy powder coating for axles and shoes.

These finishes prevent the rack from chipping and rusting following the shocks  they may suffer, require no maintenance and ensure great durability.



Fixing to the ground compulsory (supplied with 2 pegs per foot).

The CABLERACK LIGHT cannot be used with a winding machine.

To avoid ejection, the reels must be positioned so that they unwind downwards.



Starting span: CRL-D

Continuation span: CRL-S