Balancers EQ3

Balancers cancel the weight of the tool or instrument used and make the work less tiring, especially the one in series, which involves repetitive use of the same tool.

Useful in assembly , ideal for work stations.


- die-cast aluminium case

- 3 anchorage points

- easy length adjustment by the position of the stop ball.


Each model is available in 2 versions :

- traditional model : stainless steel support cable

- new model : textile cable’s support cable in polyethylenic HT fibre. New model : textile cable’s support cable in polyethylenic HT fibre. It avoids the risk of damage to the components near the work area that may accidentally touch the cable.


Model Length Load Support cable Weight Code


2500 mm

From 2 to 4 kg Polyethylenic 2,85 kg EQ23
Stainless steel EQ33
From 4 to 6 kg Polyethylenic 3 kg EQ24
Stainless steel EQ34
From 6 to 8 kg Polyethylenic 3,1 kg EQ25
Stainless steel EQ35
From 8 to 10 kg Polyethylenic 3,2 kg EQ26
Stainless steel EQ36
From 10 to 14 kg Polyethylenic 3,5 kg EQ27
Stainless steel EQ37