The solution for cable and sheath coils

- Unwinding a coil is a real problem on the sites: either the plastic film is retained
and one gets a completely twisted “pigtail” ; or it is removed and then it becomes
difficult to recover the coil at the end of the day.
- With SATELLITE®, one can keep the blister packaging: the rotation of the tray prevents the cable from getting twisted.
- With a large diameter of 750 mm, SATELLITE® is well suited for both cables and sheaths, pre-wired or not.
- Made of galvanised steel, SATELLITE® is incredibly resistant.
- Stability is ensured by a weighted base and 3 well-distanced legs.
- The position of the vertical spindles (height: 300 mm) can be adjusted for properly maintaining the coil from the interior (from 140 to 230 mm). For sheaths and for cables.

- Unfolded dimensions: Ø 750 x h 440 mm

Patented model.

Can be fully dismantled.

A coil holder with such a diameter would be of no use if it cannot be dismantled: it only takes a couple of seconds to assemble or dismantle SATELLITE®. All of the parts (central part, 3 legs, 3 bars, 3 vertical spindles) can be packed in a bag which can be carried over the shoulder, thus leaving one’s hands free. Weight : only 8,3kg. 

Can also be used with small cable drums.

By removing the vertical spindles. Very useful for horizontal unwinding when the flanges of the cable drum are broken. Central shaft diameter: 25 mm, height: 330 mm.

- Unfolded dimensions: Ø 750 x h 440 mm

Weight : 8.3 kg


Code E3500750