Both cable protector and speed-bump

For vehicles up to 44 tonnes (Max. load per zone of 20x20cm : 7 tons)


The cables are located in a gutter that is covered by the speed-bump and prevents contact with the floor.


- in the trough: 2 channels of 54x38 mm

- on floor level: 2 channels of 36x44 mm + 2 ducts of 16x37 mm


The elements (length 80cm) are shifted one to each other.

There are black and yellow parts which should be alternated for the road signs.


Made of recycled material.


For continuous use, it is possible to drill holes and fix the device using 4 special coated fixing dowel pins (code PAFIX4).


Lenght: 800 mm

Width: 600 mm

Height: 80 mm

Weight: 30 kg



Black element


Yellow element