Spring lifting device

The ROTOLIFT is an automatic cable reel equipped with stopping device, and with a stainless steel support cable Ø 6mm.

It allows to suspend objects (up to 18 kg) and to put them within reach to the operating area : in the desired position, the stopping device system removes the spirng tension and the object stays in place.

By releasing the stopping device, the objectmay be raised again above the operating area after use.

Example of use : hanging a gas suction pipe exhaust over the work area when it is not used.

Length : 4 meters + 3 meters outside the automatice cable reel

Aluminium case.


3 models according to the load :


Load Length of the cable Code 
From 5,5 to 8,5 kg 4+3 m EQ6626
From 9 to 12 kg  EQ6627
From 11 to 18 kg  EQ6628