Presentation of the range

Premium cable protector - For vehicles’ crossing : all uses even intensive

The BOA has become a benchmark in the industry, the construction, the events and also the emergency services.Made in Europe, its quality and its fiability have beenappreciated over the years.


The cable protector BOA protects the cables and pipes until 117 mm diameter, it prevents the pedestrian tripping and eases the vehicles and heavy duty vehicles’ traffic.6 models according to the diameter and number of cables to protect.


Hinged cover

The hinge can be blocked in open position, which eases the setting up of the cables.Very good visibility : black base, yellow hinged cover (black hinged cover upon request).


Locking of the hinge

The hinge is not likely to open in an inopportune way when the vehicles pass through.


Modular system

The elements are connected one to each other thanks to the dovetails insert system.They can be supplemented with terminations and angles.


Made in polyurethane

The BOA is made in recyclable TPU (thermoplasticpolyurethane).It is ultra-robust without being brittle : it retains flexibility to match the shape of the ground.It is weather resistant and anti-slip.The supported load is calculated over an area of 20cmx20cm, which corresponds to the support of a tire.


Self-cleaning patented hinge

Dirt is expelled automatically each time the cover is opened and closed.


Easy to carry

The BOX allows to carry a large amount of BOA in once, store and clean them easily.



If you order 30 pieces or more, the bOA cen be manufactured with your own logo.Avantages : promote your brand image and emphasize your concern for safety, avoid to mistake your protecting cables from the ones of other companies over the events.



In principle, there is no need to fasten the BOA to the ground, the vehicles should pass through at a limited speed.If the use conditions require it, the bOA can be fastened to the ground thanks to drillings forecast in the connexions (BOA 49-3) or by drilling into a cable canal.



The BOA is DEKRA certifed , in accordance with DIN 31000/1979 and EN 61537/2001 specifications.It is classified B2 (midly flammable) in accordance with the fire reaction specification DIN 4102 (it also exists, upon request, in class B1 , flame -retardant).The BOA resists to oil, acid and fuel.Use temperature : -30°C/+60°C.


If used on publoc roads, it may be necessary to install traffic signs, especially for the models with the highest height and also to request additional permissions. The indicated load capacity can be reduced, if it used on non flat grounds or on volatile grounds.