Cable drum rack RF8

With centralized locking system

- The storage of cable drums on racks has many advantages (more space, quick viewing of the stock).

- When combined with a coiling machine, this is, for wholesalers and industrials, the most productive organisation for making cable cuts.

- Each cable drum is stored on an independent unwinding shaft.

- Each shaft is fitted with a pair of centring pins made of galvanised steel, which prevents any risk of blocking against the ladders and facilitates the unwinding process.

- Ø of the centring pins: 48-110 mm.

- Total width: 79 mm.

- Must compulsorily be fixed on the ground.



A revolutionary innovation


This new cable drum rack model is a revolutionary innovation which eliminates all risk of the cable drum accidently coming loose during the unwinding: in its operating position, a steel strap closes the shoe on which the unwinding shaft remains and thus prevents it from popping out.


The innovative, patented part of the system is as follows:


- The blocking straps are operated by a toothed bar located behind the vertical ladder

- This toothed bar is controlled by a lever located at the bottom of the ladder, at an shoulder height

- When the operator pushes the lever to the front, all the straps snap into the closed position on all the shoes at the same time.

- The unwinding can then be done safely.

- When the operator pulls the lever towards himself, all the straps move back into the open position.

- Cable drums can then be loaded and unloaded.



- Frontal protections (in front of each ladder)

- Lateral protections (at each end of the lines)

- Braking system on the unwinding shafts

- Labels for the lines, rows and levels


Standard model

Maximum load

7 tons per row

Maximum diameter of the cable drums

1.650 mm

Heights of your choice

- 2.700 mm

- 3.400 mm

- 4.100 mm

- 5.000 mm

- 5.600 mm

Effective width of the rows

- 780 mm

- 980 mm

- 1.230 mm

- 1.430 mm

- 1.660 mm

- 1.700 mm


Heavy series

Maximum load

10 tons per row

Heights of your choice

2.700 mm

Max. Ø of the cable drums: 2.500 mm

5.700 mm

Max. Ø of the cable drums: 2.600 mm

You can choose the effective width of the rows

. 1.230 mm

. 1.430 mm

. 1.660 mm

. 1.700 mm


Code RAB010