PMR set for BOA 35-5

All usages, including intensive usage

For construction sites, festivals and demonstrations events, exhibitions, warehouses, shopping centres, etc ...

- Thanks to the flexible hinged cover, the cables are always accessible
- The parts fit into one another (dovetail inserts)
- They are weather proof and skid proof
- Very good visibility: black base, yellow cover (black cover available on request)
- 100% polyuréthane


The High level quality cable Protector

- Patented LOCKING system: there is no longer the risk of the cover opening accidentally
- Made of elastomer, the BOA equipment is resistant to compression and abrasion without being brittle; they retain a certain flexibility to adapt to the shape of the ground
- Electrical insulating material
- Light-weight and easy to transport


For communication purposes and to avoid theft, the BOA equipment can be customised with your logo. Code PABOAPERSO