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KPU hose

Exclusive model

Strong : resistant to abrasion and pressure

No memory effect : no spirals

Extremely flexible : easy to manipulate with all conditions of use (from -5°C to +50°C)

No throttling : even if kinked, it does not close the air duct


For air and water

Max pressure : 15 bar

Equiped with end hose fitting

1,50 meter incoming hose

Technopolymer casing

Swivelling bracket

Removable ratchet

In case of vertical use (reel on the ceiling), free on demand mandatory option, to transform the swivelling bracket into a fixed bracket (code ERXVA3P3)


Length Interior hose Ø ATEX  Hose type  Max pressure End hose fitting Dimensions  Weight Model  Code
10 meters 8 mm 5/16" No
Blue KPU

15 bars  1/4’’ M BSP H290 x l380 x P160 mm 3,35 kg YP308KPU Y-10-5/16-20-YP308KPU
16 meters 10 mm 3/8" 3/8’’ M BSP H380 x l490 x P210 mm 6,30 kg YP310KPU Y-16-3/8-20-YP310KPU
12,5 mm 1/2" Yes 1/2’’ M BSP H460 x l565 x P235 mm 8,70 kg YP312KPU YATX-16-1/2-20-YP312KPU