MOTO-COCCI® automatic spooling

For making coils For winding on a small spool (max 100kg and Ø 850mm) Cables max Ø 50 mm

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Safety First

- A real crankcase, not just a simple bar, for protection but doesn't hinder either: when open the work space is clear

- Crankcase on the gavette and on the cable drum (winding impossible in open position)

- The operator remains next to the machine, outside the danger zone between the unwinder drum and the machine

- Torque limiter (instant stop in the event of unwinding drum lockout)

- Gradual start

- Double synchronous "dead man" control

- Emergency stop


Machine CE certified under the control of BUREAU VERITAS - Report N°7082388-1-1-1


Coiling device to make coils

The coiling device, which is removable, can be assembled quickly instead of the drum.

Choice between 2 models of coiling device.

The 2 coiling device have an external diameter of 750 mm.

They are made in galvanized steel.

External flange, light and easy to handle (in aluminium).

Quck lock up system at the end of the cable.

Opened coiling device to ease the tying of the coil.

The width can be adjusted upon 3 positions : 130/180/230 mm.

The drum / barrel includes 4 blades.

It is the adjusting of the drum's diameter which differs between the 2 coilig device.


Adjustable coiling device

The diameter of the barrel can be adjusted by screwdriving

(2 screws on each of the 4 bladers), over 7 positions : 190/240/290/340/390/440/490 mm.

Code GR750MC


Coiling device with quick adjustment

Each of the 4 bladers of the core includes en indexing finger which allows :

- The adjustement without any tool of the inner diameter upon

4 positions : 330/440/560/670 mm.

- The extracting («demolding») of the crown very easily.

Code GRR750MC


Mobile machine

To be used in front of a drum rack.

2 fixed locking wheels, parallel to the rack, and 2 pivoting roller wheels

With its large manoeuvring bar at the rear, the MOTO-COCCI is very easy to handle.In addition, sheaths are provided for forklift forks.


Small spool winding

Maximum diameter 850 mmMaximum width : 366 mm (with central hole Ø 82mm)

Maximum weight : 100 kg

Diameter of the spool holder shaft: 25 mm.

Powered by drive pin.


Measuring device on a cross-winding bench

M50 measuring device for cable diameter max. 50 mm, with 50cm polyurethane development measuring wheel development and encoder.

A handle locks the measuring wheel in the up position to facilitate cable introduction.

The measuring device is equipped with 4 guide rollers at the front and rear, and is mobile on a cross-winding bench for the proper arrangement of cable coils next to one another.

Double programming electronic counter is dual programming : slowing down, then stopping at the chosen length.


Touch Screen

All functions of the machine are controlled from the intuitive and easy to use touch screen.

4.3 '' screen (129x103 mm), front IP65. Administrator mode and user mode.


Motor power

Geared motor : 0.75 kW

frequency inverter :

- variable speed from 0 to 100 rpm

-programmed acceleration ramp

-torque limiter

230V single phase 50 Hz



Width : 960 mm

Length : 1.500 m

Height : 1.530 mm
Weight : 230 to 255 kg, depending on the version.



The measuring device carriage is motorized. The carriage speed is locked to the winding and defined by a potentiometer.

Convenience option (operator presence mandatory).

Model without gavette : code E3040TSA



Vertical feed pole optionWhen the machine is mobile in front of a rack

code E3030160


Rotary collector option

Allows 360 ° use (machine between 2 racks)

code F2090041


8 meter winder

3G2.5 mm² H07RN-F

code ER03025-08R-P325


19 meter winder

3G2.5 mm² H07RN-F

code ER03025-19R-P806



Easily unwinds a small spool or cable coil in front of the machine

Adjustable vertical pins to fit the inner diameter of the coil

Plate diameter

Pin height

Code E3060600



Classic model with long handles Storage system on the machine, you can always have it to hand

E1 Capacity Cu/Al 120 mm² Max diameter 20 mm code CCE1M

E2 Capacity Cu/Al 250 mm² Max diameter 35 mm code CCE2M

E3 Capacity Cu/Al 500 mm² Max diameter 50 mm code CCE3M



CC32 battery powered electric cable cutter.

For cable Ø max. 32 mm Automatic jaw opening

Charge indicator2 cutting speeds. up to 60 cuts with a single charge

Charger attached to the machine and supplied by the machine

Optional, extra battery, to always have a charged battery

Cable Cutter CC32

code CC32M

Additional battery


Our after sales service offers

- commissioning of the machines

-MAINTENANCE and SAFETY contract (annual prevention visit with user training)