FV6 - Ø 11 mm

Fiberglass pulling rods are the most efficient way to pull cables, or ropes, into underground conduit.


The fiberglass of our SUNNY® range is of high quality. Its high resistance to pushing and pulling allows it to slip into all ducts.

End caps firmly fixed to the fiberglass have a high resistance to tearing.

The front head has a double function:

- guide head, thanks to its ogive shape

- eyelet, for attaching the cables to be pulled.

Time saving: no end cap to change.

The structure, designed to work on construction sites, have a tubular steel structure, robust and stable.

An integrated brake prevents the fiber from unwinding from the basket by its own tension.

10 lengths to choose from: from 120 meters to 500 meters


High performance fiberglass diameter 11 mm

Breaking force: 45 kN


High security fixation of the ends: drilling and pin + gluing.

Resistance of end pieces to tearing: 15 kN


Front end: M12 threaded end cap

  + Ø 25 mm aluminum head, dual function (guide head and pulling eyelet)

  + shackle (bolt Ø 10 mm)

Rear end: M12 threaded end cap


High quality frame in galvanized steel, diameter 1000 mm.

Equipped with 2 wheels.

Brake by central ergonomic plastic handle.

Fiber guide system.


For repairing, the fiberglass rod comes with:

 - 1 connector

- 2 M12 threaded end caps

- 4 pins

- 1 tube of special glue 20g


Many accessories and options:

- measuring device

- cable pulling grips, shackles, other guiding heads

- swivels, coupling unit

- cleaning brushes

- spare fiberglass rod, repair kits.


Length Fiberglass Ø Model Code 
 120 meters 11 mm  FV6  FV6-11-120
 150 meters FV6-11-150
180 meters FV6-11-180
200 meters FV6-11-200
250 meters FV6-11-250
300 meters FV6-11-300
350 meters  FV6-11-350
400 meters  FV6-11-400
450 meters  FV6-11-450
500 meters  FV6-11-500