INDUSTRIAL packaging

The sheath, which is split, “swallows” the cable thanks to the spacer tool :
- The sheath is cut at the desired length 
- The tool is opened and the wires and cables are gathered inside it 
- Then the tool is slid lengthwise on the sheath, like a zipper
- The tool is then removed: the cables remain inside the sheath 

The implementation is simple and rapid, even though the cables are already connected 

This sheath was originally designed for use in industrial and construction settings
It allows carrying out the wiring of electrical cabinets in a cleaner and more organised manner than when it is done using pipe-collars

Advantages as compared to the spiral sheath and the split sheath : 
- Quicker installation 
- Cables can be added after cutting 
- It holds the cables in place and does not remain open 
- It can be removed easily and is reusable 
It must also be noted that it is possible to draw cables at different points from the sheath

The sheath is available in 5 diameters : 
8 mm, 15 mm, 20 mm, 25 mm, 32 mm 

Made of polypropylene

A tool is provided with each roll
This tool is also sold separately

Diameter Coloris Roll deliveret with on tool Additionnal tool
8 mm Black 100 meters MC08N100M MC08
15 mm Black 50 meters MC15N50M MC15
20 mm Black 30 meters MC20N20M MC20
Silver MC20A30M
25 mm Black 20 meters MC25N20M MC25
35 mm Black 15 meters MC32N15M MC32