Rigid floor trough

2 models - Color grey or brown

Extremely soft leading edge.

2 separate compartments.

Allows passage of several wires and cables (max Ø of 12 mm)
Available in 1 metre bands and in 2 metre bands
GREY or BROWN colour.

The cover slips out from the base.

Made of self-extinguishing PVC.


  Maximum capacity Leigth Color Code
Model PG06 1 câble Ø 6mm or 2 câbles Ø 5mm 2 meters Grey PG06A200G
Brown PG06A200M
Model PG12 2 câbles Ø12mm + 2 câbles Ø 6mm 1 meter Grey PG12B100G
2 meters Grey PG12B200G
2 meters Brown PG12B200M
Accessories PG12 Grey Brown
Connector between 2 bands PG12GPJ PG12MPJ
Horizontal / vertical connection PG12GHV PG12MHV
Finishing nozzle PG12GEM PG12MEM
90° Angle  PG12GA PG12MA
Piece en T PG12GT PG12MT