PLT 100


3 automatic cable reels

- 2 or 3 conductors

- 1 mm² or 1,5 mm²

- Until 8 meters

IP 42


Black/yellow shockproof plastic housing.

Swivelling bracket.

Detent ratchet every 50cm, easily removable if you want the cable to be in permanent traction.

Horizontal and vertical use.

Thermic protection.

The indicated length includes 1 meter outside the reel.

Supplied without power supply cable.


In option:

- Single extension cord kit (mounted):

Input, cable and 2P+T male jack; output, 2P+T female jack with check valve (code ERXP1)

- Triple extension cord kit (mounted):

In input, cable and 2P+T male socket; in output, 2P+T triple socket with valve (code ERXP3)


CE certified


Double grounding contact.

Roller cable guide device.

Brass ring collector and brushes.

Use temperature - 5 °C/+50°C.


Dimensions (including bracket) : H 190 x W 220 x D 115 mm.

Around 3 kg.




Number of conductors Section mm² Total Length Cable Model

kW (20°C)

Rolled up

kW (20°C)


2 x 1 8m H05VV-F P102 230V 1,1 230V 1,6 ER02010-08V-P102
1,5 6m P103 1,4 1,9 ER02015-06V-P103
3 G 1 7m P104 1,1 1,6 ER03010-07V-P104
1,5 6m P105

See the technical data sheet « The unmissable 3G1,5² »

P105/P 230V 1,4 230V 1,9 ER03015-06V-P105/P


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