MOTO-COCCI® manual spooling

Mixed motorised coiler-winderwinding on spools (100 kg) and making coils

New version 100 kg - touch screen

- Increased capacity: 100 kg (maximum weight of the spool used for wind-ing)
- Coil locking system
- Touch screen (4.3" display IP65 panel: 129x103), clear information, easy to set up
- Opens wide for easy loading/unloading
- Counter starts from commissioning
- Administrator mode
Safety above all 
A total enclosure, not just a bar, for optimal protection and convenience: opens wide for easy loading/unloading. Crankcase on the gavette and cable drum. Operator next to machine, outside the danger zone, located between the unwinding cable drum and the machine. Torque limiter. Gradual start-up. Double dead man's switch. Emergency stop
Spool winding
-maximum diameter 850 mm
-maximum width: 366 mm (with a 82mm Ø hole)
-maximum weight: 100 kg
-Ø of cable drum holder: 25 mm 
For the coils, gavette GR750
-Made of zinc
-plated steel
-Outer Ø 750 mm
-Adjustable width from 0 to 230 mm
-Inner Ø adjustable from 330 to 640 mm
-Quick and easy adjustment by locking knob
Mobile Machine
Designed for use in front of cable drum rack. 2 fixed locking wheels and two pivoting rollers. Easy to move thanks to the bar. Motorisation. Geared motor 0.75kW by means of a frequency converter. Variable speed (0 to 100 lap/min) - Single phase 230V.
Measuring device
M50 for cable of max 50 mm Ø. Polyurethane measuring wheel. Double programming electronic counter (slowing down, then stopping). Measuring device mounted on a crosswinding bench for proper arrangement of cable coils next to one another.
Power options
vertical pin and automatic self
-retracting winding reel
Cutting options
Various models of electric or manual cable cutters
Dimensions : 
Width : 1500 x length 960 x height 1530 mm
Weight : from 234 to 255 kg, according to version
Choice of 2 models
- MOTO-COCCI® without gavette code : E3040600
- MOTO-COCCI® with gavette code : E3040605