For drums up to 6 tons

The AXO6000 is intended for unwinding large cable drums on construction sites or in workshops.


Composed by two hydraulic jacks and one unwinding axle.


For cable drums:   

- diameter: 750 to 2.700 mm   

- maximum width : 1.450mm   

- maximum weight : 6 tons.


Easy unwinding: 2 bearings are provided on each side.


Easy to move by tilting, thanks to the handle, on two 180mm diameter wheels. Lifting eye.


2 hydraulic cylinders with foot pump. Movable clamp (10 positions) to facilitate mounting.


Blocking system for shaft to prevent ejection of cable drum. Once attached to the ground, the AXO6000 can be used in front of a winding machine.


Dimensions of one jack : 650 x 400 x 1360 mm

Weight of each jack : 71,5 kg

Total weight : 169 kg


Code EAX060-27R