ECO-COCCI manual spooling

Mixed motorised coiler-winderwinding on cable drum (400 kg) and making coils

NEW VERSION EASYLOCK 400 kg touch screen


NEW IN 2015
-Increased capacity: 400 kg (maximum weight of the cable drum used for winding)
-Ultra fast Easy Lock® cable drum locking system
-Touch screen (4.3" display IP65 panel: 129x103), clear information, easy to set up
-Opens wide for easy loading/unloading
-Counter starts from commissioning
-Administrator mode
ECO-COCCI: safety above all
A total enclosure, not just a bar, for optimal protection and convenience: opens wide for easy loading/unloading. Crankcase on the gavette and cable drum. Operator next to machine, outside the danger zone, located between the unwinding cable drum and the machine. Torque limiter. Gradual start-up. Dead man's switch. Emergency stop. 
ECO-COCCI: ECOnomical and ECOlogical
No more hydraulic jacks with potential leaks and requiring maintenance: the cable drum is lifted by an electric vertical jack on rails. An excellent quality-safety-price ratio. 
Cable drum winding
- maximum diameter 1050 mm (CBN)
- maximum width: 600 mm (with a 82mm Ø hole)
- maximum weight: 400 kg
- Ø of cable drum holder: 40 mm
For the coils, gavette GR750
- Made of zinc
- plated steel
- Outer Ø 750 mm
- Adjustable width from 0 to 230 mm
- Inner Ø adjustable from 330 to 640 mm
- Quick and easy adjustment by locking knob. 
Mobile Machine
Designed for use in front of cable drum rack. 2 fixed locking wheels and two pivoting rollers. Easy to move.
Geared motor by means of a frequency converter. Variable speed - Single phase 230V.
Measuring device
M50 for cable of max 50 mm Ø. Polyurethane measuring wheel. Double programming electronic counter (slowing down, then stopping). Measuring device mounted on a crosswinding bench for proper arrangement of cable coils next to one another. 
Power options
vertical pin and automatic self-retracting winding reel.
Cutting options
Various models of electric or manual cable cutters
Feeding pin option code E3030160 
7 metres winder option 3G2.5 mm² HO7RN-F code ER4325R42
17 metres winder option 3G2.5 mm² HO7RN-F code ER7325R42
To quickly connect the cable to the gavette. To insert cable, retract the shoe to widen it. Once the cable is inserted in the shoe, as the cable is pulled, the shoe will tighten around it. 
3 models:
- for cables between 9 and 12 mm Ø code CHT0912A18
- for cables between 12 and 15 mm Ø code CHT1215A23
- for cables between 15 and 19 mm Ø code CHT1519A2 
Classic model with long handles Storage system on the machine, to always have it handy 
Capacity Cu/Al 120 mm² Max diameter 20 mm code CCE1M
Capacity Cu/Al 250 mm² Max diameter 35 mm code CCE2M 
Capacity Cu/Al 500 mm² Max diameter 50 mm code CCE3M
CC32 battery-powered electric cable cutter. For cables max 32 mm Ø
Automatic jaw opening Load indicator
2 cutting speeds. Up to 60 cuts with a single load
Loader installed on and supplied by machine
Optional extra battery pack for a charged battery always available 
CC32 cable cutter: code CC32M
Extra battery pack: code CC32BATT
- commissioning of the machines
- a SAFETY-MAINTENANCE annual con-tract user training
Dimensions :
Width : 1400 x length 1800 x height 1550 mm
Weight : from 380 to 406 kg, according to version
Choice of 2 models
- ECO-COCCI without gavette code E3050450
- ECO-COCCI with gavette code E3050460