Dynamic cable drums’ storage : the most efficient system for cables

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- Time saving : each cable drum is on a shaft, ready to be unwound.

- Work comfort : simplified handling, ergonomics, safety.

- Space saving : highrack storage.

- Immediate visualization of stock.

- Can be completed by a mobile winding machine, a manual winder or simply a measuring device.

- Possibility to fix on the power supply socket of the mobile machine.


Technical features

Maximum load on a singlesided span: 4.350 kg

Maximum load on a doublesided span: 8.700 kg


For drums:

- maximum diameter: 1.400 mm

- maximum weight: 1.400 kg


In 720 mm wide rows, maximum width of the drum: 640 mm

In 920 mm wide rows, maximum width of the drum: 840 mm

In 1220 mm wide rows, maximum width of the drum: 1040 mm


Depth of ladders at base

- singlesided: 925 mm

- doublesided: 1.609 mm


Width of rails: 95 mm


Ladders: hotdip galvanized steel, hotdip continuous galvanization(Sendzimir process: zinc + aluminum)

Shoes and shafts: steel, red epoxy dusting RAL 3020

Other parts: steel, gray epoxy dusting RAL 7022

These finishes prevent the rack from peeling and rusting due to the impacts to which it may be subjected, require no maintenance and ensure its durability.


Safety first

Stability of the structure: front rails inclined 5° backward

The heaviest cable drums should be stored at the bottom.


Special design of the shaft support clamps in order to avoid:

- shaft outlet

- the blocking of the cable drum against the ladders


Guide roller with flanges on each row

- to improve the distribution of tensile strength

- to prevent the escape of the cable drum

- adjustable height

- so that the cable enters horizontally, optimizing the precision of measurement


A guide roller must be used: it must be possible to position all of the drums from the second level so that the cable can pass behind the guide roller.

Obligatory attachment to the ground, by mechanical pegs (double expansion cones) or chemical fixtures.

Adapter for forklift truck forks, essential for safe loading and unloading (made to measure).

Set up the cable drum rack : the width of the alleys must be sufficient for the manoeuvre and the loading.


A rack is comprised of a starting row and the following rows.

4 standard heights:

- 2400 mm (3 levels of drums)

- 3500 mm (3 levels of drums)

- 4500mm (4 levels of drums)

- 5500 mm (5 levels of drums)

It is possible to order shafts and pairs of shoes to create additional levels (according to the diameter of the drums and without exceeding the load capacity per row).


3 standard span widths:

- 720 mm

- 920 mm

-1220 mm


The spans of the 2 widths may be selected.

Individual shaft support shoes, adjustable separately (ladder rail holes positioned every 75 mm).

Shafts with a diameter of 34 mm or 60 mm, according to the diameter of the central hole of drums.

Special manufacture on request (for different heights, widths and loads).