Finally! An actual unwinder-carrying case!

Folds and unfolds in just 3 clicks and 6 seconds!

It has all the advantages:
- as stable as a single-piece unwinder,
thanks to 2 connecting bars and anti-skid bases
- and yet it requires the least amount of space in its class: once folded,
it becomes a 45 cm x 22 cm carrying case
- tough (it can carry 200 kg), yet lightweight (only 5.9 kg)
- resistant, thanks to its complete galvanised finish
- fixed parts:
the connecting bars are attached to the shoes, the rollers are sliding ones
- adjustable in width, by widening the 2 shoes
- for cable drums with diameters between 200
and 700 mm, max width: 580 mm

Adjustable in diameter in a single step

Patented model

Capacity (it can carry) : 200kg
Ø of Drums accepted : Ø200-700 mm
Max Width : 580mm
Weight : 5.9kg


Code EC200