For arranging cables in coils

Modular system that allows you to adapt the rack to your needs:
- Vertical rails are adjustable
- The arms are adjustable in 50 mm increments
The CABLERACK COILS is therefore suitable for
crowns of all sizes.


Each span comes with 3 vertical rails and 12 arms.
Additional rails and arms can be added as an option.


There are 2 types of spans: start and continuation, the rack
begins with a start span and is completed by one or several continuation spans.


Maximum load per arm: 80 kg
Each arm has a plate (120mm x 80mm) for attaching a magnetic or adhesive label.
Inclination of the arms: +2°


- Height: 2050mm
- Depth: 600mm
- Useful width: 2000 mm
- Starting span width: 2160 mm
- Suite width: 2050 mm


Completely in steel.
Delivered disassembled.


Finishing :
- Galvanized for ladders
- RAL5003 blue epoxy powder coating for the horizontal rails
- RAL 3020 red epoxy powder coating for the arms.
These finishes prevent the rack from chipping and rusting
following the shocks they may suffer, require no maintenance and ensure great durability.


Fixing to the ground compulsory (supplied with 2 pegs per foot).


Starting span: CRC-D

Continuation span: CRC-S