To assess offcuts and to present them at the time of selling

- Modular system that allows adjusting the rack to one's requirements
- There are 2 types of rows: outbound and series, the rack begins from a outbound row and is completed by one or several series rows.
- Useful width: 1.900mm
- Number of arms: 12 arms
- Height: 2,100 mm
- Inclined ladders
- Depth: 620 mm / 260 mm
- Width of ladders: 56 mm
- Adjustable system: the position of the galvanised vertical slides is changeable on the red horizontal stacks and the position of the arms is adjustable on the vertical slides
- The arms (length 440 mm) are inclined at an angle of 10° towards the rear
The maximum load per arm is 80 kg (approximately 5 heavy coils)
- The arms are delivered without label holder (optional)
- Made of steel, galvanised and epoxy finish red RAL 3020
- Fixing to the floor mandatory
- Delivered in dismantled conditions
- Optional: additional arm (code RCLBRAS)
Label holder 120x80mm (code RCLETIQ)

Row outbound 

Width out-to-out : 2,012mm

Code RCL19D


Row series

Width out-to-out : 1,956m

Code RCL19S