Electronic measuring devices CM3000

For measuring a cable without having to unwind it

One end of the cable is sufficient.

Compatible with most cables, whether flexible or rigid, providing that they have at least 2 isolated conductors


- Digital display

- Measurable lengths: 5 to 1,999 meters

- Power sources from 4 LR6 batteries

- Less cumbersome: L 158 mm x l 95 mm x H 33 mm (weight : 350 g)

- Delivered with 2 crocodile clips and a box


Code EVCM3000


Method of use

To complete and validate the table provided, it is necessary to test the device with an identical cable, whose length is known, and greater than or equal to the length required.


As a matter of principle, the measuring of a long product canot be made with a perfect accuracy. It is the user’s responsibility to perform their own tests to identify the percentage of accuracy for the different products to be measured.