Automatic cable reels with WALL BOX inside (3,7 kW)

Easier and more convenient

Why unroll and wind by hand, each time, the cable of his electric car?

With these spring-loaded cable reels, the cable automatically rolls and unrolls.


Cleaner and safer

The cable no longer drags on the ground:

It does not dirty, does not become worn and do not deteriorate.

It is not likely to cause falls.


2 types of connectors


Type 1 - SAE J1772-2009

The connector type 1 is equipped with 5 contacts:

- 3 of power: L1, N and PE

- 2 of communication : PP (closeness) and CP (pilot control).

It corresponds to the North American and Japanese standards.

It is very common on vehicles, but is not usually installed on charging stations.

This connector can only be used for single-phase recharge.

Max 32A 230V.


Type 2 - VDE-AR-E 2623-2-2

The connector type 2 is equipped with 7 contacts:

- 5 of power: L1, L2, L3, N and PE

- 2 of communication : PP (closeness) and CP (pilot control).

It corresponds to the European standard for AC charging stations. It is the most commonly used connector within the European manufacturers of electric cars.

This connector can be used for single-phase and three-phase recharges.

Max 32A 230V / 32A 400V.


More comfortable, cleaner, safer

- To charge your electric car, do the same thing as at the gas station:

          1 - Pull the cable, it unrolls

          2 - Plug in, the car recharges

          3 - Unplug, the cable reels itself

          4 - Hit the road

- The cable no longer drags on the ground, it does not get dirty and does not risk to be damaged

- In accordance with the Mode 3 of the international norm IEC 61851-1


Version with WI-FI

For even more comfort, manage the load without leaving your sofa thanks to the WI-FI version


Must be installed by a professional.

Requires a differential circuit breaker.



Total length

Cable type


Plug in output



4 m

3G2,5² + 1x0,5²

Single-phase 16A

Type 1 SAE J1772-2009





Type 2 VDE-AR-E2623-2-2