For vehicles up to 44 tonnes

- The cables are located in a gutter that is covered by the speed-bump and prevents contact with the floor

- The parts are in juxtaposition with one another There are black and yellow parts which should be alternated for signalling

- Made of recycled material

- For continuous use, it is possible to drill holes and fix the device using 4 special coated pegs


Capacity: in the trough, 2 ducts of 54x38 mm + at floor level 2 ducts of 36x44 mm and 2 ducts of 16x37 mm 

- Length of a speed-bump: 80cm - Supported load: 7 tonnes per 20 x 20 cm area Weight: 30kg


Black element: PARALNOIR

Yellow element: PARALJAUNE

Dowel pin (4 per bag = 1 speed-bump): PARALCHEV