Measuring device for flat material

- Heat-shrinkable sheaths, flat cables, etc.

- Counter in cm measuring up to 9999.95 metres.

- Measuring wheel development: 500 mm made of striated synthetic material.

- Roller under the measuring wheel.

- Adjustable lateral guides (max width: 80 mm).

- Guide rollers at the entry and exit.

- Dimensions (L80-T): l 300 x w 350 x h 240 mm.

- Weight (L80-T): 4.3 kg.


- Desk-top L80-T

Code E3350900


- Floor L80-P, identical to the one of the M35

Code E3350901


As a matter of principle, the measuring of a long product canot be made with a perfect accuracy. It is the user’s responsibility to perform their own tests to identify the percentage of accuracy for the different products to be measured.