Vertical coiler-winder

For fixed station repackaging of flexible cables, using a cable drum of 100 kg maximum weight.

To reduce efforts, it is adviced to use an axle-based unwinder.

The design of its support, which maintains the gravity centre in the centre iself , ensures high levels of stability.

2 wheels for the swinging motion.

Dimensions: L 1,700 x W 700 x H 1,400 mm.

(with measuring device and gavette)

Weight: 95 kg.



SPIROCABLE® winder version


It allows winding on all types of commercial spools (plastic, plywood, etc.)

Max Ø 750 mm

Max width

- 255 mm (if Ø of the central hole is 42 mm)

- 275 mm (if Ø of the central hole is 82 mm)

Minimum Ø of central hole 25 mm

The coil driving can be done using a drive pin of 15 mm, with adjustable position on a rack (from 40 to 200 mm from the shaft).



SPIROCABLE winder + coiler version


It allows winding on spools and make coils with the adjustable gavette.

Quick assemble Gavette, made of zinc-plated steel.

Exterior Ø 750 mm

Useful width adjustable from 130/180/230 mm.

Each of the 4 blades of the core is made of 2 large tubes (Ø 40 mm), which do not damage the cable and facilitate the tying up.

Quick dismantling of exterior flange when using a locking knob.

Two gavette models on offer:

- GF750 fixed gavette

Inner Ø: 350 mm

- GR750 adjustable gavette

Inner Ø quickly and easily adjustable on 4 levels

320/440/560/680mm (blade on indexing finger)



Measuring device on the cross-winding bench


By a back-and-forth movement that takes place without any effort, it allows you to place the cable coils next to each other.

To choose:

- Measuring device M3 for cable Ø maxi 22 mm

- Measuring device M35 metal or synthetic wheel



Option cable drum unwider integrated


- For drums,max weight 30 kg , max Ø 600 mm, max lengh 350 mm

- Axle Ø 20 mm

- With guide roller



Option cable crimping pliers


- Cut Ø: 20 mm

- Attached by a chain


As a matter of principle, the measuring of a long product canot be made with a perfect accuracy. It is the user’s responsibility to perform their own tests to identify the percentage of accuracy for the different products to be measured.


No measuring device

Measuring device M3

Measuring device M35 metal wheel

Measuring device M35 synthetic wheel

No gavette (winder)





Fixed gavette GF750 (winder-coiler)





Adjustable gavette GR750 (winder coiler)





Integrated unwinder option


Cable crimping pliers option